BID Documents

Click on the link below to access the original BID Proposal, BID2 Business Plan and BID1 Operating Agreement



BID1 Business Proposal  January 2012 - December 2016

BID2 Business Plan January 2017 - December 2021


Operating Agreements


The Operating Agreement for the BID's second term has been negotiated with Birmingham City Council.  It sets out the rules for BID Levy collection for Northfield BID.  


Baseline Agreements


As partners in the BID, the City Council and West Midlands Police will enter into the proposed baseline/service level agreements to benchmark and monitor the delivery of relevant existing services upon renewal of the BID.  The proposed services will include:



Street Cleansing

West Midlands Police

Data Protection & GDPR Policies

The BID has produced data protection policies to adhere to the ICO.  This will be living documents where key areas may be subject to change depending upon its implementation and any legal challenges.

GDPR Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Policy for BID Levy Payers

Privacy Notice: For the detection & prevention of crime within the Northfield BID area

GDPR Privacy Notice for BID Management Employees, workers, volunteers and contractors

Northfield BID Recovery Plan


The attached Northfield BID Recovery Plan  provides the BID with a framework for establishing a recovery strategy, post COVID-19.

There are various stages, with proposed key actions the BID wants to undertake in supporting the Northfield BID levy payers.  The plan sets out how the BID will move through crisis, pre-recovery, recovery and eventually, transformation.