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Northfield Town Centre BID Ltd (otherwise known as Northfield BID) was formed  following months of consultation in Autumn 2011.  The Northfield business community voted in favour of setting up a Business Improvement District for Northfield Town Centre.  The BID began its first five-year term on 1st January 2012 in delivering on its priorites voted for in its first "BID Proposal".  

The current Northfield BID Business Plan was approved in 2021 and received a strong mandate of support, with 78% in favour of the proposals by number and 71% in favour by rateable value, based on a significant turnout of 48% of voters. The ballot result took the BID into a third-term of operation and the current work of the BID company is embodied within a Business Plan which focuses on the following priority areas:

▪ Improving Northfield
▪ Protecting Northfield
▪ Promoting Northfield
▪ Supporting Northfield

The BID developed a strong business case to support the continuation of the BID for a third term.  The BID Team of officers are actively working with partner agencies in delivering the four priorities that the Northfield business community supported and voted for.

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