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Play - so much to see and do!

All year round you can enjoy the library, youngsters’ play centre and social groups who meet at various venues.


Have you discovered Northfield’s hidden gem - Victoria Common, which is tucked behind the shopping centre? It’s home to a brand new trim trail, children’s playground and picnic area, and a short walk across St Laurence Road will also lead you to a duck pond.


Look out for our lively family events too, such as Northfield Beach and the Northfield Christmas events that take place on Prices Square.

Northfield is also home to Treasure Island, an indoor play centre featuring a giant pirate ship framework with slides, rope bridge, boarding nets, tunnels, ball pools and more!

There's a completely separate soft play area for under fours and a new dressing-up corner available weekdays, which is very popular with toddlers.

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