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Our Approach

Northfield BID Management Team and McDonald's Northfield on one of many clean-up days

What makes Northfield unique is the way we work together with many other local organisations, including Northfield Community Partnership, to bring many benefits:


  • Higher impact activities and more publicity

  • More local buy-in to our events, so more chance of success

  • More people to help organise activities

  • Stronger business case for grant funders

We tackle the issues that you, the businesses, have told us are important to you. In a nutshell, our work includes:


Improving Northfield

  • BID Caretaking & Maintenance Service

  • Cleaning of the High Street

  • Town Centre Aesthetics

  • Active Management of buskers, peddler's and illegal street trading


Protecting Northfield

  • Retail Radio Scheme partnership with MRS Communications, Northfield Shopping Centre & Northfield BID

  • Partnership approach to tackling anti-social behaviour

  • High Street Security Foot Patrols


Promoting Northfield

  • Annual events - Summer & Christmas

  • Celebrating Christmas - Christmas trees & Lamp post decorations

  • BID website - Visit Northfield & dedicated Business pages

  • BID Newsletter, hand delivered to our businesses on the patch, with online availability


Supporting Northfield

  • Business Training

  • Business Support

  • Federation of Small Businesses Member

  • Member of British BIDs

  • Lobbying & influencing key decision making

".... the BID works with local partners to provide a "safe, clean and welcoming" environment for the town with its proactive local management, in providing added value by being business led, local and inclusive."


Randal Brew OBE, FCA

BID Board Member


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