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Promote your news

We love a bit of good news! If you’ve got some you’d like to share, we can help promote it to the public using our Facebook and Instagram pages. Examples might be:


  • You’re now offering a delivery service

  • You’ve raised a significant amount for charity

  • A member of staff has achieved years of dedicated service working for your business.

  • You’re holding a launch of a new product.

  • You’re stocking a new seasonal range (e.g. prom dresses).

  • You’ve launched a competition or giveaway.

  • Your expert top tips (e.g. how to present a house to improve chances of a quick sale).


Simply get in touch with one of the BID Officers to share your news or promotion on Contact Us

OR, you can promote yourself on the BID's social media pages:


Facebook  (B2B) (B2C)




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