British BIDs Accreditation

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Our performance during the life of the BID is of paramount importance not only for the BID Board of Directors levy payers the BID serves, but also to provide confidence and reassurance for the BID levy payers of whom the BID officers provide BID services for. 

The BID said that the BID Company would seek accreditation with British BIDs, industry leading body for UK Business Imporovement Districts.  The BID Company would have to provide evidence to the Bb Advisory Board, who would check that the BID's quality assurance systems were robust, was well-managed with strong governance in place - in line with the BIDs regulation. 

Northfield Town Centre BID has now been accredited. The BID provided evidence on: -

  • Governance

  • Management & Operations

  • Performance Management

  • Communication & Reporting

  • Financial


The evidence is thorough, and it is an organised submission, that has been a joy to assess.  It has been methodical, narrative with strong evidence.  A full appraisal has been undertaken with Bb Advisory Board, and the results so far show that Northfield BID has good operational and governance practice.


​​​Mel Richardson, British BIDs - Bb Advisory Board

British BIDs has provide a press release to congratulate Northfield BID!