Additional Sector Benefits

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Additional Functionality for Non-Retail Businesses & Sector Specific Benefits.


Buttons: (To replace the "Add to Bag" button)


  • "Book a Table" - Links people to your own existing online table booking service or if you don't have one in place, this button allows people to send in their details and preferred dates and times for you to call them back to confirm their reservation.

  • "Book a Room" - Available for hotels / holiday parks / camping sites etc and can be linked to sites like or Again, for camp sites or leisure parks where there is no system in place, people can use this to send their desired dates for the company to call them and confirm.


  • "Book an Appointment" - For any business where appointments are required. From hairdressers to solicitors and personal trainers to counsellors. This can be used by all.


  • "Book This" - Ideal for events & festivals and can be linked to and any other ticketing website.


  • "Collect from Store Only" - If a business wants to use the e-commerce part of but DOES NOT want to take part in central delivery or single "out of hours" collection points.


  • "Coming Soon" – Let your customers know what is on order to come into stock soon or notify of upcoming events where tickets are not on sale yet.


  • "Ring to Book" & "Ring to Order" - This links the buttons to their phone number for anyone browsing on their phones. Ideal for takeaways, cafes, restaurants that would rather them call, pay over the phone or in person and collect from them directly


  • "Store Only" - For businesses who DO NOT want to use the e-commerce functionality of the website. This is for advertising only. They will not make sales, but they can tell people what they have and that they must go into the store if they want them.


Sector specific benefits:


  • Retail - Another avenue to sell their products and they are making it easier than ever for shoppers to shop locally but at their convenience. Convenience with a local conscience.


- Opportunities - Create packs and hampers, collaborate with other businesses to make something unique that shoppers cannot get anywhere else online, down the line we can promote to visitors and they can plan their trip and browse shops before they arrive. If they are in self-catering accommodation, they can pre-order a food box of essentials ready for their arrival.


  • Hospitality - They are a big part of the window to their town. Allowing people to book tables or book tickets to an event they are hosting. Promote special offers. Buy now redeem later vouchers (Christmas / Valentines / Mother’s Day / Father’s Day)


  • Hotels can promote rooms, offers, and events too. Where possible it would be great to partner with these businesses and on every confirmation of booking email, the customer is sent a link to so they can plan their trip. Pre buy food (we could create a specific listing for this so it is easy for people to buy and they can buy in advance). They can look at events and what is on or book a table at a local restaurant and on the town slider information so we can direct traffic to you too as well as from you to us. At every opportunity we should look to connect the dots and link.


- Opportunities - Another route to advertise their business. Allowing visitors to plan their trip, where to eat and even stay before they arrive and become a huge part in the growth of the local economy.


  • Services - For any business as a service, they can list services for people to book. Ideal for anyone from hair stylist to lawyer and personal trainer to counsellor. They can sell gift vouchers (where appropriate) and use it as an opportunity to sell any retail products they may have too. (It is worth noting we would often prioritise the retail businesses on the main page, but those services have their own section under "Things to Book"


- Opportunities – Another lead aggregator for them to generate 1) new clients 2) leads to market to in the future.


For any business opening after COVID lockdown, they must consider how they are going to manage the flow of human traffic through their door.


Businesses can use click and collect to help manage this by offering time slots or including their products in a single delivery solution for those who don’t need to come in, leaving the business premises free for passing trade.


Restaurants and takeaway cafes could ask people to order as "collect from store only" and we can help to create a "Just Eat" style menu for them. Please note we are also working on a “Table Order” solution to integrate into