Public Space Protection Order (Northfield Victoria Common)

BCC1783 Northfield Victoria Common A3 Si

Under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, Northfield Town Centre has been granted a PSPO (public space protection order) to deal with the incidences of anti-social behaviour. 


A public spaces protection order is an order that identifies the public place and prohibits specified things being done in the restricted area and/or requires specified things to be done by persons carrying on specified activities in that area. The order may not have effect for more than 3 years and the Local Authority must consult with the chief officer of the police and the local policing body before issuing the order.

Failure to comply with a public spaces protection order is an offence. For example, the Public Spaces Protection Order can be used to discourage drunken anti-social behaviour in the same place by making it an offence not to hand over containers of alcohol when asked to do so.

Penalty on breach. It is an offence to engage in any activity that you are prohibited from doing by this Order.

Depending on the behaviour in question, the enforcing officer could decide that a fixed penalty notice (FPN) of up to £100 would be the most appropriate sanction. The FPN may be issued by a police officer, council officer or other person designated by the council. Should a Fixed Penalty Notice not be issued, West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council may consider that further interventions are necessary to address the alleged behaviour.

Right to Appeal. In accordance of Section 66 of the Act, any interested person who wishes to challenge the validity of this Order may appeal to the High Court within six weeks from the date upon which this Order is made.

What you can do. Public Space Protection Orders are there to protect the community. If you see anyone breaking these conditions, inform the police on 101.

If you have any information on crime or anti-social behaviour in your area, call the independent registered charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

** NB: This Order expired in October 2020