Protecting Northfield

The BID wants to provide a "safe & secure" environment for Northfield businesses, their staff, customers and visitors to Northfield Town Centre.

The following projects form part of the BID's priorities for 2017 - 2021:


  • Continued use of the retail radio link scheme in partnership with MRS Communications.


  • Initiatives and projects developed with partners to reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour, such as the introduction of a public spaces protection order 


  • Promote the use of intelligence sharing software with other businesses and public agencies, such as West Midlands Police.


  • Continuation of high street security patrols - an officer to assist in high street security issues and providing reassurance for the business community.


  • Working with Northfield Shopping Centre to explore the feasible option of reduced rate staff parking scheme for Northfield businesses and staff that work within the town centre.