Mid-Term Review - Summer 2019

​When Northfield BID was voted in for its second term in Summer 2016, we said that we would appoint an independent consultant to carry out a mid-term review to check on the BID’s overall performance in delivering the BID2 Business Plan and whether the Northfield Town Centre business community views on whether we were keeping our promises that we said we would do when we campaigned for BID2.


With the help of an University Impact Intern (who collated the surveys) and Heartflood Ltd (who analysed and reported back the results of the surveys), the Northfield Town Centre business community were asked a variety of questions of how we were doing in fulfilling the projects that were divided between our four priorities:


  • Improving Northfield

  • Promoting Northfield

  • Protecting Northfield

  • Campaigning for Northfield


The brief given to the consultant was to:


(a) Comprehensive review of the BID arrangements – reviewing performance against the aims, objectives, financial plans and the proposed projects and activities of Northfield BID2 Business Plan. The project would not include any investigation or analysis of the BID governance or systems as this would be evidenced in the case for BID accreditation*


(b) Interviews with Northfield BID levy payers – to design and analyse the results of a survey of Northfield BID levy paying businesses in the understanding that at least 75 survey responses will be driven and inputted by the BID through a variety of methodologies such as face-to-face semi-structured interviews, Survey Monkey electronic surveys and direct mail/email with their respective owners or managers;


(c) Analysis and recommendations - using the results from the BID arrangement review, the information gathered from the survey results and meetings with the BID Management Team and the BID Board of Directors. The findings from the reports are to be drawn from the key points and concerns raised within the review.


(d) The reports, conclusions and recommendations from the midterm review will be presented to the Northfield BID Board of Directors and any other services agreed between the parties.

Over the next 2 years, the BID will be focusing on projects that:

  • Reduce business crime

  • Reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour

  • Improving the appearance of vacant units

  • Managing the incidence of bogus collectors

  • Connecting retail radio to CCTV cameras

  • More Promotions and PR

A full copy of the findings can be found here

*This has now been achieved.  Accreditation was granted to Northfield Town Centre BID Ltd in April 2021. 


Source: BID Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2019.  Designed by PrintUK.tel